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Property Management

Property Management

Nick Plotnek Associates have been Property Managers for 20 Years, specialising in ground rent portfolios and the management of blocks of flats. Working closely with Freeholders, Right to Manage or Residents’ Management Companies, we are able to tailor our property management services to the specific needs of the development.

We offer a professional and personal service where all members of our team are directly involved, with ‘hands-on’ property management being our specialisation.

As part of our comprehensive property management service we offer the following:-

Property Inspections

Regular inspections of all our managed properties to ensure maintenance issues are dealt with promptly.

Routine Maintenance

Maintenance schedules are produced in accordance with the property’s needs, Employing qualified contractors who are based locally allows us to get the job done properly at competitive prices.

Planned Maintenance

Our in-house chartered building surveyors produce detailed schedules and timetables for planned maintenance works, which are carried out in accordance with the legislative requirements. All major works are fully overseen, ensuring high quality workmanship.


Scheduling of Fire Risk Assessments, Asbestos Surveys and electrical checks to ensure developments comply with current legislation.

Service Charge Budgets and Account Management

The budgets for a property are regularly monitored, and updates provided annually, along with full provision of Service Charge Accounts in accordance with statute.

Sinking Funds

We are able to provide sinking fund projections for long term maintenance, ensuring adequate funds are built up over time.

Management and Meetings

Nick Plotnek is able to attend director and annual general meetings to discuss all aspects of management and future maintenance.

Service Charge and Ground Rent Collection

The firm benefits from the use of automated accounts software and proactive credit control systems.

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The Right to Manage

Nick Plotnek Associates are also able to advise you on your right to manage your own block of flats under the Right To Manage provisions of The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002. This Act allows Leaseholders to remove the management company of their block, and replace it with a property management company of their choice.

Why take up your Right to Manage?

If you live in a block of flats and do not have a say in who runs the block, you may benefit from the Right to Manage Process. This is especially useful if you are unhappy with the cost and quality of the maintenance and you don’t wish to buy the freehold.

This right is available to all flat-owners, in all blocks, where they fulfil the following criteria:

  • At least 50% of the flat-owners within the physical block of flats must want to go through the process.
  • At least two-thirds of the flat-owners within the physical block must have long leases (greater than 21 years at the time of issue).
  • No more than 25% of the block may be used for non-residential use (excludes car parks and common areas connected with the flats).

If your block fulfils these criteria then it is highly likely you will be able to go through the Right To Manage process with 100% success. There are a small number of technical legalities which can prevent some blocks going through the right to manage process, however, we will advise you on those if they arise.

If you find you are ineligible for the Right To Manage legislation, but are having problems with your managing agent, please contact the Lease Advisory Service who can provide valuable help and guidance on all matters relating to leasehold property.

Nick Plotnek Associates will guide and assist you through this difficult process at the lowest possible cost.

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