Thinking of extending your lease or purchasing your freehold?

Let us take the
stress out of it.

Our Services

We provide advice to individual lessees, Residents’ Associations and lessees’ Management Companies, and explain the benefits of extending your lease or buying your freehold.

Advice is also offered on block management, service charge issues, and the roles of the managing agent and the First-tier Property Tribunal.

Flat Owners
We can help you with individual Lease Extensions, Collective Enfranchisement (or Block Enfranchisement), including cases where the Freeholder offers you the Right of First Refusal, Block management, service charges and the Right To Manage.

House Owners
We can explain the advantages and cost of Freehold Purchase (or Enfranchisement) as against the right to have an extended lease.

Property Management
We can carry out Block management, as well as assist you if you have service charge issues, and also explain the Right to Manage process.

So if you live in a flat or house and are concerned about what living in a leasehold property may mean to you, or you are considering buying your freehold or extending your lease, then just call us for friendly, professional advice. We are happy to discuss the matter with you in our offices in Harborne, or in the comfort of your own home if you prefer, at a time and day to suit you.

Here are some of things we can do for you:-

  • Check your eligibility to extend your lease or buy your freehold.
  • Explain the role of professional advisors.
  • Calculate the price for the lease extension or freehold purchase (the valuation range).
  • Explain the circumstances in which you would be liable for the freeholder’s costs.
  • Discuss the financing of the total cost.
  • Establish the purchase vehicle to be used in a collective enfranchisement.
  • Estimate the likely timescale involved.
  • Advise you on your rights and responsibilities once notice has been served.
  • Prepare and serve the appropriate notices on the landlord.
  • Negotiate with the freeholder.
  • If negotiations fail, prepare your case for the First-tier Property Tribunal.
  • Represent you at the First-tier Property Tribunal hearing.